Client Testimonials

“I was in so much pain from my injury in my neck that happened while working out. I went to the doctor and they wanted to do steroid shots that were very expensive. I got massages but felt it was aggravating the problem! Ronda at Stretch Rx has been working with me to release tension that is causing my pain and I am so happy to say I am pain free!!! I am so happy with my results I am going to use Stretch Rx to lose this last 10 pounds that I can’t seem to lose.”

Jennifer Jones McCormick

“Today I was blessed to have a session with Ronda Nimon Musca. Ronda is a healer that has worked in fitness and wellness for a long time – I refuse to date her (or me). She uses some amazing techniques to help allow the body to stretch and heal. It reminds me a lot of my most loved Thai massage. She has a personal interest in helping breast cancer patients feel better. Having a mastectomy often means super tightness around the chest wall and decreased range of motion. She WILL help this! I feel like a million bucks! Anyone local in Tampa Bay I highly recommend you go in and see her. She can work with you during treatment or after. She is also interested in starting a group class in Dunedin that would be an affordable alternative to personal sessions. Let me know if you are interested! I think a group class would be fun!!”

Leona Hamrick

“Long-term results and a game-changing improvement of quality of life, all without medication! I found StretchRX at a time when I had been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis and tennis elbow for over 6 months, feeling like a young-looking 90 year old. Weight training without stretching in my youth and 20 years in high heals had taken their toll. My calf muscles had shortened to leave my feet in a permanent high-heel position and I could barely touch my knees when bending down. Within 6 weeks of Stretch RX, I’m pain-free and can touch the floor with my hands. I’m now working on getting the rest of my body back in shape. I feel amazing and could never have gotten here by myself. Thank you, StretchRX!”

Karola S.

“I’m really happy we reached my goal for Budokon practice. Sitting on my heels seemed impossible before Stretch Rx. Thanks also to Sally. It was a great reflexology session.”

Danny R.

“When I first started at the police academy, I had very few hopes of finishing. I had plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and was developing shinsplints. Running, or even just walking, was beyond excruciating. I had tried every remedy possible, from fancy shoes to expensive massage and painful injections. I was desperate to complete the physical training portion but was on my last straw. Then by some miracle I found Ronda. She worked tirelessly with me, many late nights a week, to get my feet back where they needed to be. She got me not only through the physical portion of the Academy, but to the best my feet have felt in over six months. Now here I am about to graduate and I truly could not have done it without Ronda. I wholeheartedly believe that I owe my law enforcement career to her and I’m forever grateful.”


“I have been working with Rhonda for about five months and have gone from being in pain with neck and back issues to a place where I am pain free. She has addressed my problem areas every session. I am stronger through her exercise plan for me and more flexible through stretching on a bio mat. I would highly recommend her.”

Joan P.

“Ronda is an awesome practitioner who is so gifted in knowing just what needs to be stretched. She is so positive, kind, and compassionate. She definitely made a difference for me!”

Donna C.

“What a fabulous opportunity! This is the MISSING LINK between massage therapy and physical therapy. Since I have begun stretch therapy, I have virtually eliminated hip /lower back pain and have a wider range of motion — my training at the gym is now so much more effective and enjoyable!”

Marcy & Johnny B.

“I have been training with Stretch Rx and Ronda Nimon Musca for 6 weeks now. To say that I have made demonstrable progress in my core fitness and strength is an understatement. The program Ronda has me on is intense, targeted, and challenging. I have progressed from uncoordinated movements and exercises to strength and balance that is amazing. Initially, I had little control and would twist my body to do some of the exercises (aka – cheating). Now, I feel the specific muscles engage and notice a distinctly different level of control. I recommend Stretch Rx and Ronda HIGHLY to anyone who wants an amazing training experience!”

Michael M.

“It was a pleasure meeting you today; and, yes, I definitely felt better when I left. Actually, it appeared I could breathe more easily. Perhaps you opened my chest muscles. I will definitely be coming back.”

Michele S.

“I’ve been in horrible pain from a car accident 3 months ago. I have gone to the PIP doctor and did their therapy. I went to my beloved chiropractor and he got me 60{62ebdd8cf8d2b45a6d718e35f1f4ba1f0acdc1ce073502e592f55787e71179cf} fixed. However, I was still suffering from tight muscles in my neck and upper back. I heard about Ronda and her services. After only ONE session, I am 98{62ebdd8cf8d2b45a6d718e35f1f4ba1f0acdc1ce073502e592f55787e71179cf} pain free. After I left my session, every hour I got BETTER! I will definitely be going back for more sessions and hope to put this pain behind me!!!

Thank you Ronda!”

Jennifer A.

“Working with Ronda has been life changing for me! I have been suffering from migraine headaches and lower back spasms for over 30 years. Some have lasted for a week and most last for at least 3 days. I have tried many remedies such as acupuncture, chiropractors, massage therapy and medications but nothing seemed to help for very long! I was resigned to not doing much of any type of physical activity. Even when doing housework, I would make myself lie down and rest about every half hour trying my best not to cause a migraine to start. As I look back on, my life was truly limited by the migraines! They affected every aspect of my life: my job, my marriage, my relationships with family and friends. They just couldn’t count on me because I never knew when I would have to cancel out on commitments.

Now I feel like I have a new lease on life! I look forward to doing things with friends and family again and no longer worry if I’ll have to cancel because of migraines! I’m exercising and walking every day and enjoying every minute of it! I have been coming to Ronda for about 2 months and am practically migraine-free! I have gone from having really painful migraines 2-3 times a week to having a slight migraine start maybe once a week or less. Using the stretches Ronda taught me, I am able to put an end to them within minutes!

Ronda is so knowledgeable and takes the time to explain how each stretch or exercise will help me. She addresses each area of concern every time and follows up each session with a text or 2 asking how you’re feeling. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in pain. She truly cares about how you are progressing. She has given me back a more normal life and I can’t thank her enough!”

Donna M.