Corporate Wellness

Productivity begins with a fit workforce

With a focus on prevention and wellness, we are committed to assisting employes in improving their overall health. The process can be fun and exciting and the results are measurable. We offer a number of tools to address the various needs of employers and their valued staff.

Lunch & Learn and Wellness Room

Programs that don’t interrupt the work day

During our Lunch & Learn presentation, employees are invited to enjoy lunch while learning about different topics related to fitness and stress management. It is a great way to motivate and educate employees without interrupting the daily work flow.

Another option is to offer your employees access to a Wellness Room. We will come to your location and offer your preferred combination of chair massage, hand massage, assisted stretching, and guided breathing. Employees can use these services on their break or at other approved times. The cost can be covered by the employee or the corporation. We have found that a short break boosts overall productivity.

On Site Fitness Plans

We’ve Have Something for Everyone

We will establish a program to address the needs specific to your workforce. After identifying areas that need improvement, we will design a plan with clear instructions, manageable changes and measurable results. Areas of focus include stress reduction, exercise, dietary changes and goal setting.

Would you like to take it a step further and develop your own fitness facility. Let us handle the design and layout of the gym, fitness staff and equipment maintenance.

Companies with successful workplace wellness programs have reported as much as six dollars saved for every dollar spent. Workplace wellness programs have resulted in a decline in worker’s compensation injuries, lost work days and voluntary turnover. They have been shown to improve employee loyalty, increase self management skills and offer an attractive benefits package for recruiting and retaining employees. The overall result is an enhanced corporate image.