Stretch Rx Senior

Senior Wellness Programs

Improve Flexibility, Strength, Posture and Balance

Our trainers have developed senior-specific wellness plans that take into account the changing needs of individuals over 55 years of age. We incorporate balance training, flexibility exercises, relaxation techniques and strength training into a comprehensive plan that creates a balanced approach to senior fitness.

Each training session begins with a warm up to prepare the body for exercise, lubricate the joints and prevent injury. Next we begin activities that elevate the heart rate while staying within a safe range for the individual client. Strengthening the heart improves circulation and endurance and increases metabolism.

Our programs include weight bearing exercises to increase muscle strength and bone density. This is important for injury prevention while performing everyday tasks. A cool down period will close out each session. It allows the heart to return to its normal resting rate and the muscles to relax. Stretching and breathing exercises are used to bring the body and mind to rest and increase flexibility.